Trails & Active Transportation

Access to green space is critical to the health and well-being of our children and neighbors. Find out how you can get involved with advocating for safe and accessible local trails and routes in the Jenkintown / Abington / Cheltenham region.

These are trail efforts in progress and needing support in our area


  • A Tookany Creek Trail Feasibility Study was completed in 2021 and while portions of this crucial proposed trail have been funded, funding for the remaining segments must be prioritized and pursued by Cheltenham’s Board of Commissioners. 
    • Gimbel Field section currently under construction.
    • Need support for development of Harrison Ave. to Elkins Park section.



  • Here’s a video of our exploratory trail walk from Jenkintown-Wyncote to Elkins Park with renowned trails expert and architect, Bob Thomas




  • Tookany Creek Trail Opportunities & Challenges


  • Abington-Jenkintown Connections plan – Mixed-use trail and sidewalks currently in-progress and stormwater work has begun. 
    Abington-Jenkintown Connections plan
  • Parks & Open Space Master Plan – Identifies future potential routes for trails through the Township to connect transit and regional parks; see the section ‘Vision 3.0’. 
    • The Board of Commissioners voted to establish the Parks & Open Space Committee going forward who will oversee the implementation of this great plan.
  • Abington Separated Bike Lanes Action Plan SUCCESS! – One of our key asks from JANA to Abington- the Board of Commissioners voted YES in April 2024 to submit a grant application to DVRPC for a protected bike lanes update to the Bike Master Plan. More to follow when we hear if the Township wins the grant.   
  • Noble Action Plan – JANA acted as a key stakeholder in this engagement with PennDOT to identify pedestrian and bike safety improvements to the corridor around Noble and the Fairway. 


  • Jenkintown Planning Commission has a Bike and Pedestrian Safety Sub-committee which provides an update at each meeting, focusing on  improvements at the borough level.

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