Traffic Calming on 611

Old York Road is long overdue for a traffic study aimed at calming traffic as it heads from Abington into Jenkintown Borough’s town center.


We need A multi-jurisdiction effort between Jenkintown, Abington + Cheltenham to INITIATE A TRAFFIC CALMING STUDY

Our children and families deserve to be able to walk safely across and along Old York Road (611) to support the many local businesses that call it home

With the 611 / Noble Bridge Project rapidly approaching (end of ’23 / early ’24) and temporarily narrowing 611 to two lanes over the railway, now is the time to initiate a study.

We ask that commissioners from Abington, Jenkintown and Cheltenham collectively reach out to PennDOT to urgently request a regional traffic study aimed at traffic calming. 

We support:

  • A road diet through Jenkintown with a return to inclusion of on-street parking to provide protective barriers for pedestrians.
  • Automatic ticketing cameras that have been strongly shown to influence driver behavior.
  • Reduced pedestrian crosswalk timings at lights.
  • The inevitable significant reduction in noise as traffic is calmed, improving what now is a steady roar and unpleasant experience for pedestrians and neighbors.

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