Noble Station Park

The Noble + Jenkintown area needs public green space as detailed and envisioned in the Noble Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan



Jenkintown and neighbors around Noble + the Fairway lack publicly accessible green space + playgrounds for children and adults

We ask that commissioners from Abington Township and Jenkintown Borough support the designation of the Noble Station Park as a buildable community benefit as development occurs in the Noble area. 

From the Noble TOD Plan, pg. 42:

“The proposed South Station Park is located on the existing SEPTA parking lot and buffer area, south of the station between the rail line and Rodman Road.

For outbound kiss-n-ride, a drop-off area is located with the park, off of Rodman Road.

As envisioned, the park will provide benches and lighting for commuters to use while waiting for their trains, as well as amenity spaces for the neighborhood. These amenity spaces may include an informal recreation space, gardens and quiet sitting areas, walkways, and a playground.”

Noble South Station Park Noble Aerial Aerial

Key Aspects of Plan

  1. Informal Recreation Space
  2. Playground

  3. Benches/Lighting
  4. Train Station Drop-off
  5. Pedestrian Bridge for neighborhood to the Fairway


Noble South Station Park Plan