Envisioning a stronger, more equitable and vibrant Jenkintown + Abington.



Safely accessible green space and equitable, open access for children and adults

Make access to our parks more equitable and add new green space for our neighborhoods that need it. Create safe connections for pedestrians and cyclists between our parks, town centers and Circuit Trails like Pennypack. 


  • Build the park at Noble Station as envisioned in Abington’s Noble TOD
  • Make Alverthorpe Park accessible to all area residents, not just Abington

Bike at Alverthorpe


Invest in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure for Jenkintown + Abington to increase mobility options for our citizens.


Create a community that makes it safe for children, the elderly and all ages to bike freely


  • ABINGTON- Work with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) to update Abington’s Bicycle Master Plan to specifically target protected bike lanes for cyclists.
  • A community safe for people to bike improves our health by promoting physical activity, increases transportation options and reduces traffic congestion + air pollution.




Invest in safe walkability to create a more livable and equitable community


  • Build new sidewalks on high-risk roads currently without them (ie. east of Jenkintown- Rydal, Meetinghouse, Washington Ln) and pursue traffic calming on major roads in Abington + Jenkintown to improve the walkability of our area. 



Increase housing SECURITY


  • Strengthen tenant protections locally to allow enforcement when landlords are not fulfilling basic obligations such as water / hot water, cooling and heating (ie. situations like at 100 York).
  • Expand housing choices to tackle our current housing crisis. Increase freedom of choice for residents & homeowners. Areas like Keswick and Jenkintown are wonderful because they support mixed-use, walkable living. Lean into that!